Privacy Policy SuperWin

Table of Content

1.1. Important Information about Privacy Policy at Superwin Site

Client confidentiality is an important aspect of our work. Our Service reserves the right to collect some personal information to analyze and improve the site’s quality. Users can know exactly what actions and data the Service collects and how it uses them. Remember that you agree to the rules by becoming a visitor to the site, so the privacy policy is an agreed document between SuperWin (in the future referred to as “We,” “Us,” “Our”) and the client. Also, the Service can make changes to the document if necessary. You will receive notifications of such changes. We strongly encourage you to review the changes and associated terms.

1.2. Processed Information

The site collects information about users for analysis, compilation of statistics, and improvement of the Service. We may collect data about the visitor’s first and last name, date of birth, home or physical address, e-mail, telephone number, etc. (personal information). You may also be asked to provide additional information if you visit the site or use our services (telephone number, shipping address, billing, and transaction information, impressions of cooperation, product preferences, and reviews of the Services).

All data is stored on our servers using modern encryption protocols. Every time you interact with our services, the servers keep a special activity log that collects and analyzes technical information (what browser you are using, how much time you spend on the site, IP address, pages visited, site language, browser version, OS type, any crashes or errors that occur). This approach allows you to optimize the site and improve the quality of services. Please note that the Service does not collect any personal information without your consent.

1.3. Tools for Collection and Processing Data

We have indicated what data the site may collect for analysis and statistics. Also, SuperWin clients provide this data through ordering services, communications, and other actions on the page. The analysis system also receives information from online sellers, service providers, third-party partners, and official customers. We may also contract third-party services to provide technical support for the site, process online transactions, and maintain accounts.

The SuperWin service reserves the right to access any information known to service providers’ e-commerce services and to use it under the rules specified in the Privacy Policy. Please note that this information may only be disclosed to third parties in accordance with the provisions of this document. We make every effort to maintain a high level of security and confidentiality and to prevent disclosure of information to third-party service providers and other parties.

1.4. Use of Information

Following your consent, the information described above and obtained will be used to operate the site effectively. We analyze data to provide quality support, optimize your page, enhance security, identify audits, confirm legitimate online transactions, and assist with promotions (based on the optimal requirements for your business). According to these rules, we can transfer personal information to our reliable and trusted partners (under the data exchange agreement).

Personal information may also be used to provide (1) information about suitable services and products that may be of interest to you; (2) advertising offers about various services and products of our partners, which helps to expand the range of services, improve the quality of work and increase the level of customer satisfaction. Sometimes, personal information is used for various surveys or promotions with valuable prizes. Your participation in such competitions is voluntary, and you may not provide information for analysis. The list of requested information may vary: contact information (name, address, email, phone number) or demographic information (gender, age, race, etc.).

Remember that you agree to the company’s rules and allow the Service to use your name for advertising purposes (at no additional cost, unless prohibited by law) if you become a competition winner and receive a prize.

Also, the company may retain personal information even if you opt out of promotion notifications. This data (phone number and e-mail) may be used to provide you with additional information about our products and affiliate offers (including online casinos, betting, poker, and other gambling entities). We reserve the right to select partners for cooperation carefully.

1.5. Exceptions Regarding Disclosure of Information

We care about the privacy of our customers but may disclose personal information in cases where the law requires such action. This may be necessary to comply with (1) legal process against us, our sites, employees, or services, (2) when we need to protect the rights and property of the company, (3) to provide additional safety to users or the public, (4) to analysis and scientific research on the prevention and combating of gambling addiction (in this case, the data will be anonymized and only demographic aspects will be transferred).

Please note that we may share your personal information with our partners (payment processors, banks, gambling platforms, relevant agencies, and law enforcement agencies) if we discover that you have tried to defraud the company in any way (financial fraud, game manipulation, card counterfeiting and documents, distortion of information, including age data, money laundering, etc.).

1.6. Access

We offer users the right to opt out of receiving promotional communications. In this case, you should find the “opt-out” item in the personal settings available on the site. You can also contact support with this request or by sending an email. In addition, you may initiate a dialog with us if you want to (1) confirm the accuracy of the specified personal data collected by our Service, (2) update outdated information, and (3) complain about the site’s incorrect use of your personal information. We will take appropriate measures and may (1) update your personal information if we are convinced that the changes are necessary and correct and (2) mark the items and data prohibited for marketing purposes. We do this under the law regarding the confidentiality and security of your personal information, so you should not be concerned about this.

Playing for real money on gambling services involves making transactions and making deposits. We cooperate with modern electronic payment systems that also analyze personal data. Please note that by agreeing to our Privacy Policy, you are consenting to the transfer of personal information necessary to complete a transaction to our partners (this information may be transferred outside of your country). Our company makes every effort to provide a high level of security and resistance to hacking, which promotes privacy.

Our company may conduct additional security checks and verification of personal registration data at any time. This procedure allows us to determine whether or not there has been a violation of our rules and local laws. Your electronic signature on the document gives us the right (following the Privacy Policy) to disclose personal information to a third party conducting verification (including data transfer outside the country). Such checks may include analysis of credit accounts, payment data, or other information against international databases. You agree to provide us with additional information and necessary documentation if this procedure is necessary.

1.9. Security

Our Service understands the need to ensure maximum security and protection of your personal information. We store all important data on secure servers under active, state-of-the-art firewall software and use the latest SSL protocols and dynamic database passwords. Moreover, we carefully vet our partners, agents, subsidiaries, and other parties who may receive personal information from customers.

1.10. Protection Of Minors

Our site provides services only to adults over 18 (age may vary depending on the jurisdiction in the region). The user who agrees to the provision of services by our site confirms in absentia that he/she is at least 18 years old (or has reached the age of majority according to local laws). Our security service also tries to detect attempts by minors to obtain the site’s services, which may lead to the initiation of an investigation. If the fact of being a minor is confirmed and the user has provided false age information, we will provide services and delete the account from our website.

1.11. Payments Between Countries

By agreeing to our Privacy Policy, you consent that your personal information may be transferred internationally (including to regions where privacy laws are less restrictive). Please remember that personal information may be stored and processed in the region where our partners, suppliers, and their facilities are located.

At the same time, we take every precaution and conduct a thorough analysis of third parties to ensure security and ensure that the highest standards of confidentiality are maintained for our clients.

1.12. Cookies

Information placed on your device

Our Service may store personal information directly on your device for further convenience. This information is a cookie containing small text documents that record your preferences. We also use “flash cookies,” similar to browser cookies. Such files allow you to remember information about visiting pages for quick access again.

These methods are used only to track your use of quality services. This approach allows you to track traffic, browser type, and other parameters, which helps improve the quality of services and update them for use. Cookies and third party data also allow us to track customer preferences and display more relevant advertising. Neither cookies nor flash cookies can be used to access or use other information on your computer.

Strictly necessary cookies

Special cookies are necessary for high-quality navigation on the site and the use of available tools, including secure pages and financial transactions. Please remember that these files allow the Service to operate more efficiently while maintaining security.

During the registration process

These cookies store information collected during your registration, allowing us to identify you as a valued customer and provide you with the services you require. Moreover, this information can be leveraged to gain deeper insights into your online preferences, thereby elevating the quality of your visits across our platforms.

On our website

When visitors access our website, we utilize cookies to gather various information. Our servers employ three distinct categories of cookies:

Session-based cookies. These cookies are assigned to your computer during your visit to our website. Session-based cookies enhance your website navigation speed, and for registered customers, they enable us to furnish information that is more pertinent to your interests. Also, they automatically expire once you close your browser.

Persistent cookies. This type of cookie remains on your computer for a period of time that is set individually for each cookie. Notably, Flash cookies also fall into the category of persistent cookies.

Analytical cookies. These cookies are designed to recognize and tally the number of site visitors and track how they engage with our services. Analytical cookies help us improve the functionality of our websites and ensure that you can easily find the information you are looking for.

You retain the flexibility to accept or decline cookies. While most web browsers are configured to accept cookies by default, you can typically adjust your browser settings to reject them. To guide you through the process, consult the ‘Help’ menu within your browser’s menu bar. This menu provides instructions on how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, set up notifications for incoming cookies, or disable cookies altogether.

Flash cookies

A flash player is a device often used on websites. You can prevent flash cookies or adjust them according to your preferences. You must open the “Global Storage Settings” panel in the settings manager and turn off the “Allow third-party flash content to store information on your computer” option. Moreover, you can configure such settings for any websites that interest you. The corresponding tab is located in the Settings Manager.

However, the Manager may not be available to the user using an old version. In this case, you must update the player to the latest version. Please note that if you choose to reject cookies, some interactive features on our pages may not be available.

1.13. Third-Party Practices

We carefully select partners to work with, but we cannot ensure the security of any information that users provide to a third-party site operated independently of us but links to our Service or affiliate program. Please remember that such sites have privacy policies, and internal documents govern client cooperation.

We are responsible only for those events we can control, so the Service operates “as is.” We cannot influence those conditions that are beyond our responsibility. The modern world is changing dynamically, and new work and business technologies appear daily. We cannot guarantee that the privacy of your personal information will be error-free, and we will not be liable for any incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising from inadvertent errors.

You become a client of our Service and agree to our Privacy Policy. This is the current version and replaces earlier editions. You should read the document carefully and consider our “Terms and Conditions,” where additional conditions are disclosed. This version is not final, and we may make changes as necessary. We undertake to notify you of the appearance of new editions with changed terms of the Privacy Policy. Your continued cooperation with the site will mean acceptance of the latest edition. We also recommend that you read the document periodically for your safety.

1.16. Other Web Sites

The pages of our Service may contain links to third-party resources of our partners. Please remember that they have their Privacy Policy and are beyond our control. Third parties may collect your personal information and use it at their discretion, and these policies may differ from ours. We are not responsible for their behavior. The operators of these resources consider all claims for possible errors and other problems.