Responsible gambling at SuperWin

Terms and Conditions

SuperWin is committed to providing quality gambling service to all of its customers in India. However, the platform representatives also understand and take into account the potential negative outcomes that some bettors may experience. With this in mind, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the following responsible gambling rules. 

We want your betting experience to be safe and pleasant.

1. Safe gambling leisure and help with gambling addiction

The online gambling platform SuperWin wants to develop the industry of safe and responsible leisure with a controlled betting process and the ability to stop a gambling session in time. Therefore, those users, who wish to understand their current state of gambling dependence, can use various sources and resources to independently determine the level of gambling addiction.

If you have witnessed or know of people who need professional help, we recommend contacting responsible gambling organizations.

Below are some reputable self-diagnosis and professional advice portals. 

Gambling Therapy 

Website –

Online chat on the website

Internal email – [email protected] 

Abhasa portal

Website – 

Internal e-mail – [email protected] 

Social networks


Phone – +91 737 364 4444, +91 86220 66666

E-Gaming Federation (EGF) 

Website – 

Social networks

Internal email – [email protected] 

2. Customer verification system 

The team of the SuperWin gambling platform conducts a thorough check of its customers for compliance with the company’s terms and conditions. In particular, one of the key aspects is the players reaching the age of majority. After all, only if customers have reached the age of majority, they can officially join the gambling leisure on the SuperWin website.

The verification of customers for compliance with the rules includes submitting copies of necessary documents for verification. The verification process requires proof of identity and age (for example, you can attach a passport or driver’s license).

The age limit varies depending on the country or region you live in. The client should pay attention to this detail before registering on the SuperWin platform. We recommend that you find out the restrictions in your region beforehand. 

All the information provided by the user during the registration on the official website page is only necessary to confirm your identity. This is one of the main legal requirements that the company has established to increase the level of protection of the SuperWin audience. 

If you have any additional questions or want to clarify some points regarding registration or account identification, you are free to/you can contact the technical support team for assistance by using any of the contact options.

3. Control functions for responsible bets

To exercise proper and effective control over your personal bets and financial accounts, we suggest using the following features. All of them are presented on the operator’s official website and l allow you to have a responsible gambling experience.

3.1 Option to limit deposit limits

Each visitor to the platform can set comfortable limits from the “Set Limits” section in their personal account. This feature allows players to set specific deposit limits and thus limit the spending of their gaming account. The platform offers to set deposit limits for the duration of:

  • one day
  • one week (from Monday to Sunday);
  • one month (according to the calendar).

If you wish, you can change the set limit or cancel it completely. You can also reduce the limit on the use of deposits by setting any comfortable parameters. The changes made to reduce the allowed limit will take effect immediately after saving. You don’t even have to wait for the updates to be actualized.

 Alternatively, contact our technical support team and get additional advice on this matter. They will help you solve any issue to make your leisure time at SuperWin easy and enjoyable.

The set deposit spending limits apply to all customer accounts in the respective brands operated by SuperWin Limited (Hippodrome, Spin Casino, Bingo on the Box, and Dream Bingo).

3.2 “Rest” from betting

The SuperWin platform team is well aware that players may need a temporary “break” from gambling for real money for various reasons. That is why the company offers its customers several fixed periods to take a break from slot machines. Namely:

  • 24 hours;
  • 48 hours;
  • 1 week;
  • 2 weeks;
  • 3 weeks;
  • 4 weeks;
  • 6 weeks.

Choose a period and send a request to our team. After receiving the application, we are able to temporarily suspend your personal accounts in all SuperWin Group brands for the selected period. 

As soon as the specified period expires, the accounts will automatically reactivate and become available for use. However, this only works if the player has not requested a second extension of the “Take a Break” feature during this time.

3.3 History of rounds played

Use the virtual “audit trail” and study your main periods of activity at SuperWin. Everything the users do is recorded and saved in the corresponding storage, which is available for viewing for the next 30 days. There you will find up-to-date information about the start of the game session and its total duration.

In addition to this, SuperWin offers to explore additional information about your profile. This information is stored for 90 days. There you will find data on your personal account balance, the history of gambling rounds played (along with bets set, winnings or losses received), deposits made and their amount, winnings withdrawn, and other manipulations with the account.

3.4 Timer with a reminder 

Don`t know how to distract yourself from the exciting play for money? SuperWin allows you to set a special timer by using the “Session Reminder” feature. It will help you to keep track of the time spent in the game lobby and analyze how long you spend on the platform’s website in general.

Players can turn on the timer function through their personal profiles. To do this, you need to set up permission to receive relevant notifications. Or, if necessary, contact the support team and ask for help with setting this option.

SuperWin offers to set a timer with any duration. When the time is up, several notifications will appear on the main screen. You can choose one of them: 

  • Extend time;
  • End the gambling session and leave the game lobby;
  • View account history.

We would like to note right away that the timer function does not apply to games in the Live Casino category (due to the specifics of the format). However, players can set a separate reminder for games with a live croupier at SuperWin by using the “Game Session Settings” function located in the “Settings” section.

3.5 Closing a personal account

Closing a personal account is another effective method that allows you to take a break from real money in a “safe zone”. A client can deactivate a current personal account very quickly, and then create a new account over time.

To close the current profile, you need to contact the maintenance team and express your wish to deactivate it. If you plan to start actively using this profile again after some time, please see the “Take a Break” function (Section 3.2).

3.6 Self-mute function 

If necessary, customers can use the “self-exclusion” function for a sufficiently long period. SuperWin offers to limit your ability to participate in gambling activities on the platform’s website for a while:

  • 6 months;
  • 1 year;
  • 2 years;
  • 3 years;
  • 4 years;
  • 5 years.

To set up the “Self-Exclusion” feature, you need to go to your personal profile system page and find the corresponding tab. You can also use the help of the technical support team if you need it. They will keep in touch with you via any of the contacts listed on the website.

Self-exclusion works as follows: the operator’s team receives your request to use this function, and SuperWin immediately takes the necessary measures. For a specified period, the company restricts your access to all SuperWin Group brands 

What about financial accounts? It’s simple: before activating the “Self-Exclusion” function, we contact you to resolve the issues of outstanding bets and unused bonus resources (if any). We also offer to refund the deposit balances that were kept on your account.

Immediately after the end of the specified period, your personal account will be reactivated and available. However, this option is only possible if the user has not submitted an application for the extension of the self-exclusion period. 

You can also cancel the duration of this feature yourself. The SuperWin portal can reactivate your account any time. All you need to do is submit a specific request with a desire to reactivate the page before the set deadline. Contact the operator’s team by phone and inform them of your wishes. The new up-to-date data will take effect only after a 24-hour buffer (i.e. the day after the request is submitted).

3.7 Automatic game

The SuperWin team offers to use the automatic game mode (expert) in various thematic slot machines. This function helps to effectively control the game process.

The main feature of the automatic game control function is that the client can change the following parameters directly in the process:

  • bet size;
  • the number of spins;
  • loss limits and much more.

After the slot machine reaches the selected limitation point (for example, makes the specified number of spins), the automatic game mode stops. Thus, the game guarantees customers better control over the process and the ability to stop in time.

3.8 Regular internal checks

SuperWin regularly carries out all the relevant checks to offer its audience a proper and high-quality platform for safe and controlled gambling. 

SuperWin has the right to restrict access or completely suspend any personal account on the website if the company considers the account to be potentially unsafe. In case of blocking, all financial accounts will also be blocked, and the funds will be returned to the player, subject to a review of the actions.